PEAK Group History


Milestones in PEAK's history

Since PEAK was founded in 1992, our company history has been shaped by innovation, social commitment and passion – a look at the past and present of the PEAK Group.


PEAK has moved

After more than 20 years, the PEAK Group moved from its office building at Otto-Röhm-Straße 69 to a larger and more modern building at nearby Leydheckerstraße 10. The new premises offer significantly more office and storage space for all companies within the group.


PEAK separates itself from GB-Logistik

The managing director and co-owner of GB-Logistik, Hans-Georg Bemmann, is entering his well-deserved retirement. As a result, the decision was made to sell the division after nine years of being part of the group. Both PEAK and Hans-Georg actively support the new owner during the transition phase.

PEAKnx sells field service management solution repV

As a provider of building automation solutions, PEAKnx will in future focus entirely on the smart home sector. Therefore, PEAKnx separated from the service management division repV in spring 2023 and handed it over to DESK GmbH. After the takeover by DESK, repV customers will continue to receive individual support and PEAKnx will still be available for advising customers until 2025.


PEAK98 fundraiser breaks the €1M milestone

Through a unique social sponsoring in German professional football, we raised over €1M for social clubs and organisations from the region, together with the SV98 and Lilienfans. The partnership remains: the sponsorship was extended until 2023.

PEAK98 fundraiser breaks the €1M milestone

Founding of PEAKnx GmbH

The newly founded PEAKnx GmbH combines the Service Management (formerly IT-PEAK-Networks) and Building Automation business areas.


Fundraiser: Despite Coronavirus

While the corona pandemic interrupts the fundraising efforts in the stadium, PEAK donates to a social organisation at every home game of SV Darmstadt 98, which needs the support especially at this time.

Fundraiser: Despite Coronavirus

PEAK mourns the loss of Managing Director Axel Dohmann

One of the founders of the PEAK group of companies dies unexpectedly at the age of 53. His wife, Ines Dohmann – who has been with the company for many years – takes his place in management.

PEAK mourns the loss of Managing Director Axel Dohmann

Sale of AdvantageLab GmbH


€0.5M for a good cause

PEAK98 fundraising campaigns have already raised over €0.5M for good causes. The raffle tickets in the stadium on home games have established themselves as an integral part for the fans of SV Darmstadt 98.


Sales of the PEAK Adondeck chair

During one of his many business trips to the United States, Axel Dohmann discovered the classic Adirondack garden chair. There was no discussion: he needed one of these for his home. With a minor design change, the Adondeck was born: a garden chair with an 'add on' to the classic Adirondack, which should not only be in Dohmann's own garden. The last chair for the time being was sold in 2021 and no new editions are planned.

Sales of the PEAK Adondeck chair

PEAKnx as a registered trademark

Axel Dohmann meets Gerald Palmsteiner at the KNX user forum because both are dissatisfied with the smart home control panels available on the market. Together, they endeavour to develop a better alternative. The Controlpro, developed from a DIY kit for the active forum community, becomes the first KNX touch panel ready for series production and PEAKnx became a registered trademark of Dogawist GmbH.


PEAKnx as a registered trademark

Founding of the social initiative PEAK98

This idea of social sponsorship, a truly unique project in professional football, arose together with SV Darmstadt 1898 e.V. PEAK, instead of becoming a traditional premium sponsor for the club, chose to support small social organisations at every home game together with SV 98, offering them a platform to raise their visibility in the region.

Founding of the social initiative PEAK98

Founding of GB Logistik GmbH

The logistics company handles the storage and transport of frozen food. As Chairman of the board of directors of Spedition Neubrandenburger Verkehrs AG (NEVAG), Mathias Stinnes facilitates the contact between Axel Dohmann and Hans-Georg Bemmann, the company's board member. When NEVAG went bankrupt, Hans-Georg Bemmann continued to run the frozen transport business as a newly founded company and part of the PEAK Group.

To GB Logistik

Founding of GB Logistik GmbH

Foundation of PEAK-14 GmbH

Axel Dohmann's school friend Gunter Leonhardt joins the group of companies – and brings the Digital Asset Management Software Cavok with him. Cavok gives companies a better overview of their media files.

The name PEAK-14 is inspired by the novel 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', in which the answer to the question about life, the universe and everything else is 42. PEAK-14 doesn't take care about life and the universe, but about all the rest, basically a third of 42:14.

To Cavok

Foundation of PEAK-14 GmbH

Sale of PEAK service companies to Qiagen AG


Purchase of AdvantageLab GmbH

AdvantageLab GmbH supplies laboratories and research facilities with suitable equipment.

Purchase of AdvantageLab GmbH

Foundation of DOGAWIST Investment GmbH as an umbrella company

Dogawist Investment GmbH is the holding company behind the PEAK Group. The company name is made up with the first two letters of its founders' names, i.e., Axel Dohmann, Alexander Gach, Uwe Wilhelm and Mathias Stinnes.

Foundation of DOGAWIST Investment GmbH

Founding of PEAK Service USA LLC in Boston

Founded as a joint venture with KMC Systems to open up the American market.


Foundation of PEAK System France S.A.R.L. in Nancy

Founded as a branch of PEAK-System GmbH in France. The aim was to successfully sell the PEAK-System products on the French-speaking market (France / French Switzerland / North Africa). PEAK System France S.A.R.L. has its own development department that implements customer-specific developments for the whole of Europe. From inception to this day, Olivier Pierson has been the Managing Director.


Founding of PEAK Service France S.A.

PEAK Service France S.A. was founded by PEAK Service GmbH and some experts from the French diagnostics market. Having already been active in Austria and Great Britain, they wanted to take the group of companies to the next level in European business. The focus was on the areas of diagnostics, analytics, medical diagnostic imaging and biomedical lasers.


Foundation of IT PEAK Networks GmbH

Founded from the service department of PEAK Service. RepV, the repair management software developed in house, helps to digitalise service processes and is now also intended to serve other companies.

To repV

Foundation of IT PEAK Networks GmbH

Founding of PEAK System Technik GmbH

Founded from the development department of PEAK Service, the company focuses on CAN and LIN fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet.

To PEAK System Technik

Founding of PEAK System Technik GmbH

Founding of PEAK Service GmbH

In August 1992, three students from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Axel Dohmann, Uwe Wilhelm and Alexander Gach, founded their own company in the basement of their parents' house, specialising in service work for medical technology.

The team receives financial support and mentoring from partner and founding shareholder Mathias Stinnes. The company's core competence was to help actual service partners deal with so-called 'order peaks'. Thus, we came to rescue when the service partner failed to serve its customers. And this gave rise to the first company's name, Peak Service.

Founding of PEAK Service GmbH